Forts and Caves To Visit Near Lonavala

Lohagad fort and Visapur fort are two different forts which are situated near Lonavala. These are one of the most exploring and interesting forts near Lonavala. It is just 15km away from the popular hill station of Lonavala.

Lohagad Fort:

Lohgad is a very exploring historical place which is still sacred in the hearts of people? Then this is it. You do need to visit Lohagad fort which is situated in Maharashtra in Pune district. The Lohagad fort is one of hilly fort also called as an iron fort is situated in the Maval region which is at a distance 20 km from Lonavala and 52 km from Pune. The Lohagad fort is at an elevation of 1.038m above sea level and was under the rule of Maratha Empire for the period of about 5 years. Lohagad fort shares its part which the Western Ghats dividing the river basins of Indrayani and Pawana reservoir.

The monsoon is the best time to visit the fort as it will mesmerize the travelers with a spellbinding view of nature. During the monsoon, the fort is covered with the blanket of mist and fog. The best part is to trek the mountains while its drizzling. The way to Lohagad fort can be easily accessed from Malavali station with the help of suburban trains which usually runs between Pune and Lonavala. As the fort is covered with trees, mass exploration of a variety of natural creators can be seen. On complementary, there are also vendor stalls which provide a good taste of tea and coffee with addition crispy fritters. There is also some stall providing refreshment drinks, like lemonades the nearest attractions to Lohagad fort which can be visited are Bhaje caves (2km) from Malavali station, Karla caves (4 Km) from the hill station Lonavala, Ambey valley city (22km) from Lonavala.

Places to visit near Lonavala

Visapur fort:

Another exciting adventurous and historic place to visit is Visapur fort. The fort is situated in Maharashtra which is at 10 km from Malavali Railway Station of Pune district it was built by Peshwa Maratha Empire and is at the devotion of 1048 meters above the sea level. It is a part of Lohagad – Visapur fortification and is owned by the Government of India and open for tourist people. The Visapur fort shares its plateau with the Lohagad fort and the forts are historically linked with each other. There is always a rush of people at the fort.

The Visapur fort is the center of attraction of all the forts in the Maval region of Pune. The fort serves roof to some of the small caves which can be explored by a human torch. The hillocks region of the fort appears enchanting as the sun reflects its light as beautiful part on the leaves of the trees during the monsoon. The natural beauty around the fort always attracts the heart of the people. The tourist can plant their living tents, serves a good place for trekking lovers. Not only you can have the thrill and pleasure of enjoying the Visapur Fort.

Visapur-Fort near Lonavala


There are some of the adjacent caves which can be visited like…

1) Karla Caves:
Karla caves located near Lonavla and it is a complex of caves shrines built by Buddhist monks around 2nd to 3rd Century B.C. A Temple of goddess Ekvira Devi is also present here.

Karla Caves near Lonavala

2) Bhaje Caves:
The Bhaje Caves is a located at a distance of 3 km from Malavali Railway Station. One must climb several steps atop to the mountains to view the caves some of the lime the caves contain the cisterns of water. The whole Malavli village can be viewed from the top and beautiful location is present to snap great pictures.

Bhaje-Caves Lonavala

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