Pawna Lake Camping

Feel like you been stressed out, well you are just one spot away from a hot spot destination to drain out all your stresses and worries. What are you waiting for? Make your wheels spin and your legs walk to a very riveting & spell-bounding destination.. yeah!! Its “Pawna Lake Camping“. The reason you need to step your feet into the comforting sand of Pawna is that the serenity providing a flow of lake water, and the melodious sound produced by the chilly breeze. No doubt you gonna experience nature’s symphony and not to forget the eye-catching comely kissing of the mountains. This place is really hit the spot with the exploration of the historical forts. A lot of history & the triumph of great warriors is associated with forts following.
Tung Fort, Tikona Fort, Lohgad Fort, Visapur Fort.

The perfect existence of God created nature will compel your fingertips every time to capture the real beauty of the aura. You can actually fell nature’s love radiating out from the pictures which will absolutely stand for souvenir’s to be given to your loved ones. You really live and cherish moment about the place from the dusk till the down. The sunrise at this place is splendid and you gonna observe the true beauty and striking colors of nature. The cold winds blowing at the crack of the dawn will fill the hearts with positive emotion and true human spirit. This place is always known for their best pictures to be snapped. Enjoy the experience of Pawna Lake Camping with your family and friends. Live the Freedom!!!

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Book Your Tent:

Enjoy Pawna Lake Camping at just ₹ 1499/ per person. Book the tent online at the just ₹ 500/per person and the remaining payment while check-in at the campsite.

Gaming and Activities:


1. Do not misbehave with other people on the Campsite.
2. Going into the lake water is strictly prohibited.
3. The tent cannot move from one place to another place after it set.
4. Do not vandalize any private property at camping place.
5. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the tent.
6. Do not carry valuable things like jewelry or any other things.
7. We do not give a guarantee of Bonfire and outdoor activities in rainy season.