Are You Ready for Monsoon Camping?

Monsoon is arriving and we are ready with our monsoon picnic list. Have you included camping in your list? If not, you must! It is because monsoon camping can be as good as camping done in other seasons. However, you need to get involved into preparations. Monsoon season is the best season to roam around especially when you are surrounded by greenery wherever you go. But it also means unforeseen challenges and obstacles. Sudden rain pouring can happen and you need to be prepared for that especially when you are camping. Here is an article that will help you understand what to expect and how to get ready for a beautiful monsoon camping near Mumbai. Let’s get started!

Why is monsoon a good season for camping?

The answer is pretty simple. Monsoon camping near Pune helps you get closer to nature. The environment is green, fresh and pleasant. You can soak in the greenery surrounding you and can have the best time of your life. Moreover, you can make camping more exciting by coupling it with trekking. In addition to that, you get options such as beach camping, forest camping or Pawna Lake camping.

Monsoon is the best season to explore the unexplored places and also the known places. Many people opt not to travel during monsoon. You can seize this opportunity for camping near Mumbai. Let’ see what needs to be packed for your monsoon camping.

  • A rain coat is a must and it does not need any explanation. Apart from that, you need a rain proof jacket to keep you warm after a splash of rain or during a rainy night.
  • You can carry an umbrella too but I suggest do not take it as it won’t survive the wind if it is too strong.
  • Good quality rainy footwear is a must. Do not use shoes or any footwear which keeps your foot all covered up. Open-toe footwear is good as it helps in water drainage and also provider some breathing space for your toes. This ultimately reduces chances of fungal infection.
  • How could you forget zip lock bags? These come handy when you need to store food ort keep your valuables such as money or mobile phone.
  • A rain proof cover is ideal for your back pack. A few plastic bags as well. However, you must know that you will be camping in plastic-free zone so do not throw plastic bags there.
  • A first aid box is needed with some extra medicines that are required especially in monsoon.

What can you expect from monsoon camping?

Along with a beautiful lush green view of nature, you can expect insects and insect bites. Be prepared with inset bite creams. Mosquitoes can bother you more in rains and therefore, you must carry a good quality mosquito repellent cream or lotion. Regardless of the camping site, you must stay away from water bodies. Do not get into water if you are unsure about its depth. You can expect heavy luggage if you pack your bags without any planning. Keep it light and carry clothes that take no time to dry up.

Pawna camping in rainy season.